The Nilesk Group is a Dutch organization with offices and factories in China and the Netherlands.

Nilesk B.V. was founded in the Netherlands in 1996. The Guangzhou (China) representative office was opened two years later, in 1998. Primarily engaged with the import of foreign products like flowers and specialty beers into China in the first few years of operation, the company decided to fully shift its focus to export-related trade activities in 2001.

In 2005, Nilesk Modular Housing Co., Ltd. was set up in Panyu district for the production of modular housing units.

In 2007, Nilesk Composite & Marine Co., Ltd. was set up in the same area for the production of composite products. It will move to a new 25,000 Sq. m. production facility in Nansha at the end of 2009, which is currently being built.

In 2009, the Guangzhou representative office became a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE).